Fun ways to raise money to volunteer on our project:

  • Pre-loved items sale 
    Collect pre-loved clothes and home goods for a (yard) sale from friends and family and join a yard
    sale or flea market. Also you can use Vinted and other online platforms to sell your products.
    Take pictures of the items, find good hashtags and post them on different platforms to get more
    attention from possible buyers.
  • Dog walking
    It’s not always easy for people to make time for an afternoon stroll with their pets, but you can help
    make their days easier by walking their dog in exchange for a donation.
    Charge a flat rate for a 30-minute walk, or offer longer walks in exchange for larger donations. You
    could also offer additional services, like bathing their dog, for an additional fee.
  • Pet sitting
    When people travel for the weekend or just go away for the day on business, it can be challenging
    to find someone they trust to take care of their pets. Help relieve some of their stress with pet-
    sitting services.
    Set a flat hourly rate, or offer an exclusive weekend package for those who need a little more help.
  • Selling home made products 
    Gather talented friends and family members to help create and sell custom crafts, like bracelets,
    paintings, keychains, or tote bags. Naucrates has really nice logo’s and designs which can be used
    for your projects!

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