You Can Make a Difference!

At this time of the year, the Naucrates team is usually preparing to start their conservation fieldwork in Thailand.

Whether it’s €5, €100, or €5000, whatever you give makes an important difference. 100 % of funds received online will go directly to the protection of Thailand’s endangered sea turtles (only the Paypal fee will be deducted).

Your donation will help fund the following programs: nest monitoring, in-water surveys, clean-up events, turtle rescues, education and awareness programs, training and supporting the local community.

You can send money through Bank Wire transfer directly to our bank account:

Name: Naucrates
Address: Via dei Ristori, 7 04010 Giulianello di CORI (LT), Italy
Bank: Unicredit, Largo XX Settembre, 1- 22063 Cantu’ (CO) – Italy
Account no: 000400484552
IBAN: IT 96 S 02008 51060 000400484552
Please tell us about your donation writing to

Or you can write to to ask for a different way to donate (paypal or more!). 

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