Join us and participate in an internship on our project. Our project has been up and running over 24 years. Volunteers and interns are very important for us and to the continuation of our conservation efforts in Thailand.

Naucrates, an Italian NGO, has been running a Conservation Project on sea turtles, mangrove forest and coral reef at Phra Thong Island since 1996, in collaboration with the Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC).  The project is registered at the National Research Council in Thailand. In parallel to the scientific work which has allowed conservation strategies to be designed and applied to the nesting sea turtle population, an educational programme around the small communities and conservation awareness activities with local people and tourists is also carried out.

The project team is composed of Naucrates staff, interns, volunteers and local members. The size of the team varies, according to the number of volunteers per turn, but the maximum team size is 12 people (there might be an exception for special occasions). Because of the nature of our bookings, there might be a possibility that you will be working as part of a very small group – and that could mean quite a few early mornings!

Volunteer activities are scheduled daily, according to the program of the season, depending on the different projects being undertaken, plus the weather. Nature is unpredictable and sometimes plans must be changed, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Internships programs can be changed to different objectives. We are hiring higher education students in biological and environmental sciences or similar fields, who seek to gain experience and knowledge about conservation programs for threaten species, as well as develop research and monitoring programs on topics regarding: climate change, anthropogenic threats, population ecology and environmental management.

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