All the project activities follow a strict daily schedule that must be respected.

Data collection must always be done following the right methodology and above all respecting timetables.  

For example about weather and tide all the measurements of temperature and tide must be collected everyday at the same time otherwise is not possible to compare the data and elaborate a statistic.

If one day the time is different this can compromise all the work done previously.

It’s important to be always on time.

A different time in doing a daily activity can mean a change in the environmental conditions which can therefore influence the data collection by modifying the result.

So the timetable helps to know at what time certain activities should be done and who are the volunteers in charge of them. 

The field leader and the staff are in charge of filling in the timetable with the different activities.

Of course team takes in consideration if a volunteer has a particular problem in doing an activity and they can find a solution that best suits to the skill of a volunteer. On the other hand, the volunteers should give their full availability in helping the project and therefore in carrying out the activities

Is important to take into consideration that all the activities are part of a working plan that is the research aspect of our project and therefore must be respected.    


However there are other activities which, although part of the project and of the research, are not carried out every day; these activities require a more elaborate and independent organization from the team such as the availability of a boat or in case of a nest for example an extra monitoring at night on the beach. So what can happen is that even if is written in the timetable at the last moment an activity can be cancelled or anticipate depending on the availability of transports and people.

Volunteers must be flexible and consider that since we are on a remote island, every day the conditions can change and affect the general organization and that there are other important activities which have a priority such a deposition or hatchlings.

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