On 26th December 2004, the project base was completely washed away by a tsunami. Our little museum, the volunteer huts, the instruments, the turtle tank, etc. were lost to the Andaman Sea. However, this is a material loss and nowhere near comparable to the loss of two members of the Naucrates team who were working on the island that day.

For a couple of years, GBB Resort offered Naucrates a base for field operations and 2008, the project base move to the Lions village (previously Pak Chok), which was rebuilt after the tsunami. Naucrates has 2 houses in the village and these have been a used as staff accommodation, office, kitchen and storage. Participants have stayed in the local homestays.

A Conservation Community Center (CCC) was set up using two other houses in the village. The Center includes a display room of natural resources and community traditions and a meeting area. The CCC aims to provide information about the island flora and fauna, likewise about the people and their traditions.

Since 2012 we have two different locations for our project accommodation. Mainly we stay at a local bungalow/tents situated almost on the beach. Some days we can also stay in a local village at a home stay with local families, on request. The location of the accommodation depends on the activities of the week and the number of volunteers. Accommodation in both locations is basic, either in single, double or triple rooms. You might have to share room with other volunteers. Be prepared to use a bucket shower and sometimes a local toilet!

The project is mainly working towards the conservation of natural resources of the island, collecting information and applying conservation strategies; at the same time, the project works on developing capabilities in the local community, providing training and support. Therefore, we feel it is important to support the local businesses and enhance their capabilities to do proper eco-tourism.

Volunteers and interns that join us help with the practical work and by bringing different skills and knowledge gear the project to improved version of itself.

The economic contributions of participants are a big part of the financing of the project activities as Naucrates has not received any governmental money or large grants.

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