NAUCRATES, Greek for “who dominates the sea”, is a non-profit NGO based in Italy. Naucrates was found in 2001 by Monica Aureggi, Claudio Conti and Maura Spotti, who are still the board members of Naucrates.

From the beginning Naucrates’ main focus was conservation work in Thailand. They also work in Italy helping to restore Mediterranean forest as well as raising awareness and educating people about the environment and sustainable development.

In Koh Phra Thong, Thailand, the sea turtle conservation work had already started in 1996 and Monica was there from the beginning. The project has continued to protect the sea turtles, their nesting beaches and living habitat for over 20 years. It is not only sea turtles that Naucrates protects although this is their main focus. Over the years Naucrates has created many activities in order to study and help conserve the nature on the island. Naucrates staff, interns and volunteers have helped to study and conserve mangrove, coral reefs, sea grass beds, beaches and birds. As well as this, they have supported local communities through education, conservation awareness, small scale business etc.

To carry out the conservation work in Thailand, Naucrates has a research permit from the National Research Council of Thailand and we work together with Phuket Marine Biological Center on all conservation efforts.

We believe that small initiatives can make a big difference.

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