It will be a special 30th December

“Naucrates” an ancient greek word that means “those who dominate the sea” was the name assigned to the conservation group born on the 6th of November 2001, by one of the 3 founders, Claudio.

Claudio’s passions covered a wide range of topics from plants to mangrove forests. His deep knowledge of natural science, with a strong sense of observations meant that he could practice what he loves best, sharing his deep love for Nature.

On the 30th of December we will join together surrounded by mangrove trees that Claudio planted, with Thai music and a lot of memories to remember how valuable his work was to the island and Naucrates.

Claudio passed away on the 26th of December 2021, “our 2004 tsunami anniversary” a fatal coincidence.

You will always be’ with us with your natural spirit.

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