Naucrates base camp is at the Eco Horizon Resort, our accommodation is in a nice place on the beach and all the meals are guaranteed by the resort. Volunteers and staff have breakfast, lunch and dinner served on the beach in a beautiful location.  

It is important to remember that Koh Phra Thong is an island and all supplies come from the mainland. It is unthinkable to have fresh food every day and the availability of some dishes is not always possible due to transportation and conservation methods.

The project cannot provide its own meals for logistic problems and because is not possible to respect hygiene and conservation standards.

Staff and volunteers have the opportunity to enjoy a really good food from the resort without having to commit to cooking and keeping the dishes clean. This is a great advantage for this project.

At breakfast is possible to choose among different dishes whilst at lunch and dinner the food provided is at the discretion of the availability of the kitchen of the resort. Of course all the different dietary request such as vegetarian or other allergies are guaranteed. The basic course of Thai cuisine is rice that accompanies meat, fish or vegetables. It is therefore obvious that one must know how to adapt to the local cuisine, get used to eating rice very often and sometimes even tasting a little spicy.

Sometimes staff and volunteers go to eat at Ban Lion’s at Pane’s Restaurant, even there the dishes are prepared by the local cook according to the availability of food.

Volunteers must therefore have a good spirit of adaptation to the local culinary culture. They must reflect on the fact that they are in a remote island where there is no local production of vegetables and fruit and where there are no farms and where the fish arrives caught fresh only if marine weather conditions permit or fisherman pass  from the island.

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