What a great succes it was! With all the support we had a successful season with a few nests and we supported Nok during a period of no tourism on the island.

Here you can watch the video and read the text of the crowfunding that Alessandra has started for Naucrates on GoFundMe

Please dedicate few minutes to it and donate.

Help Naucrates to Continue 25 years of Conservation Involvement on Koh Phra Thong
I first met the Naucrates team when I started volunteering work on their sea turtle conservation project in Thailand in 2001. I am happy to report that I am still helping and collaborating with them!

Who is Naucrates?
NAUCRATES is a non-profit NGO based in Italy and focusses on conservation work in Thailand. In 1996 sea turtle conservation work was started on the island of Koh Phra Thong (Andaman Sea, Thailand) and over the past 24 years the project has continued to protect the sea turtles, their nesting beaches and living habitat.
It is not only sea turtles that Naucrates protects, although this is their main interest. Over the years, Naucrates have introduced many different activities in order to continue to study and help conserve the nature and natural beauty of the island. Naucrates staff, interns and volunteers have helped to research and conserve mangrove, coral reefs, sea grass beds, beaches and birds, as well as support the local communities; providing education, conservation awareness, help with small scale businesses etc.
In 2004 Naucrates faced many issues after the tsunami devastated many areas on the island, including the project. Despite the difficulties experienced following their losses, Naucrates found the strength to continue its work with nature conservation, thanks to the support of volunteers, friends and donors.

Why I have decided to start this campaign:
Once again, this season Naucrates has to deal with another unexpected event. Normally at this time of year, the Naucrates team are usually making preparations to start their conservation fieldwork in Thailand. But due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, work with the international team on Phra Thong island more than likely won’t be able to go ahead this year.

However, Naucrates would still like to continue to provide help and support for the island’s local community and the conservation effort.
For this reason, we need to help Naucrates to raise funds to pay the salary of a local Thai person on the island. This person would commit to monitor nesting beaches and look for turtle tracks and nests in order to protect the eggs so the hatchlings can get safely to the sea.

The local person in question is Nok, who will be supported by Eco Horizon resort on Phra Thong Island. Nok has lived on the island for many years and Naucrates has worked alongside him for a very long time! He is usually employed by the resort during the tourist season, but unfortunately this year the tourist season in Thailand is going to be badly affected, resulting in many local people being unemployed.
We will offer continued online support to provide practical advice to Nok during the season, as well as remain updated about turtle activity on the island.

How much money we need to collect to continue this project:
Naucrates needs to reach the total amount of 32000 Thai Baht (1000€) which are the total salary for 4 months of monitoring beach and conservation effort.

Why I’m so involved:
I believe that the conservation work that has been carried out in 25 years from Naucrates and that has led to many results in terms of awareness and protection cannot stop due to the pandemic.

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