Covid-19 and season 2021/2022

We are very excited to start the next season. We are planning to start on the 20th of December 2021 untill 30th of March 2022. Last season, covid-19 forced us not to sent any volunteers to the project. Thanks to our crowd funding event we were able to hire a local on the island to continue the project! This year we are very hopeful to have volunteers on the project and start again as usual.

Travel requirements on the 19th of September 2021:

  1. Travellers on direct international flights to Phuket International Airport are subject to health screening, including a COVID-19 nasal swab RT-PCR testing and Immigration procedures at the point of entry. Children under 6 years of age will receive a COVID-19 saliva RT-PCR testing.
  2. Travellers must download and install an alert application, as well as set the application on at all times for the whole duration in Thailand.
  3. Then, proceed directly to the reserved hotel on the approved airport transfer service.
  4. Wait for the result of the first COVID-19 test (conducted upon arrival or Day 0) in the hotel room only.
  5. If testing negative for COVID-19, travellers can go anywhere in Phuket. However, they are not allowed to stay overnight in any other places than the reserved hotel. In addition, they are required to report to the hotel’s SHA Plus Manager on a daily basis, or upon return to the hotel from their outing and excursion.
  6. Travellers must have completed 14 nights in Phuket before being allowed to visit other Thai destinations. They must also have tested negative for COVID-19 for 2 more times on Day 6-7 and Day 12-13. 

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Season 2021/2022

The number of positive cases after entering Phuket are very low. This gives up hope that we quarantine restrictions will change soon. This makes it much easier to visit our wonderful island Ko Phra Thong. We are very excited to accept new volunteers for the special season!

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