You Can Make a Difference!

At this time of the year, the Naucrates team is usually preparing to start their conservation fieldwork in Thailand.

Whether it’s €5, €100, or €5000, whatever you give makes an important difference. 100 % of funds received online will go directly to the protection of Thailand’s endangered sea turtles (only the Paypal fee will be deducted).

Your donation will help fund the following programs: nest monitoring, in-water surveys, clean-up events, turtle rescues, education and awareness programs, training and supporting the local community.

You can make donations to us, by following these easy steps

1. Fill in your information to our donation form below and send it to us.

2. Make a payment using online Paypal:

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Name: Naucrates
Address: Via dei Ristori, 7 04010 Giulianello di CORI (LT), Italy
Bank: Unicredit, Largo XX Settembre, 1- 22063 Cantu’ (CO) – Italy
Account no: 000400484552
IBAN: IT 96 S 02008 51060 000400484552
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