Feedback from volunteers

catherine“On a turtle mission in Ko Phra Thong – what a fantastic experience! I loved working for the program and volunteering for Naucrates. During my stay I met a team of highly enthusiastic and engaged people giving me the opportunity to experience the range of work Naucrates is conducting every day – and there were every day new amazing things to discover – maybe not turtles, somehow they were hiding but hey walking the beaches and hiking through the Savannah with open eyes awarded me every day with fantastic new discoveries (thanks to Alessandra and Rhyan for sharing your knowledge).

I got rewarded with beautiful walks on empty endless beaches (and a free workout every day), was treated with incredible food (thanks to Lory and Nok) and I met amazing people from all over the world – just to mention a few more wonderful highlights. Thanks to everyone that made my stay so enjoyable. (cannot wait to see the pictures of the hatchlings in March!)” Catherine, 2017

“I found out that volunteering is a good way to spend my holidays; I can serve a good cause and discover a country from a different perspective at the same time. So my last words will be: join Naucrates and live a great adventure!” Amandine, 2016 (Read her whole post What is it like to be a volunteer)

“I had no expectations for the project, but it evoked a desire to know these animals better and I think I will find myself in future back in a project, this or another one. The group of people from around the world was great and some will be friends for life, at least I hope so.” Aleksi, 2011

“I saw turtles many times in the observation. It was a great feeling to see these ancient animals in the nature, while there still are some left. Room was sufficient and the host was nice. Food was excellent!
The best thing was to get to meet people who are similar minded about animals and nature. It was nice to do research and give my own time and efforts for this important work.
Bring loads of mosquito repellent. Don’t bring too much stuff. Good sandals are definitely needed.”  Tiina, 2011

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