Staff 2019 – 2020

Monica Aureggi

Project Founder-Project Director






 Lesley – Naucrates Booking Manager






Lory – Logistics Manager







Lucia – Project  Archivist








Alessandra De Lucia – Naucrates researcher

Alessandra, biologist involved in sea turtle conservation since 1997.

She has taken part in different international projects and has arrived on Koh Phra Thong in 2003 as a Naucrates volunteer. After this beautiful experience, she was so concerned in the project that had started her collaboration as a staff member.

In Italy, she has also worked at the Marine Turtles Rescue Center of Linosa monitoring the beach, helping and saving injured sea turtles.


“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”. Jacques Yves Cousteau



Patricia Guedes – Field leader

Patrícia is a young conservation biologist who loves field work. After finishing her master’s she has worked has a field assistant in several  bird and turtle conservation projects both in Portugal and in Cape Verde.




Daniel Fuchs – Assistant

Daniel is a food technologist and herbal technician with a big passion for nature and environmental conservation. He volunteered in different projects and in January 2019 he arrived on Ko Phra Thong.

After many years working across Europe for a big company he recently decided to quit and got the chance to get back to the island, this time as a Naucrates staff member.


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