Sea turtle project

Our sea turtle conservation project has been running for over 20 years on Phra Thong Island in Thailand. We have focused on in-situ protection of the sea turtle nests on the beaches of Koh Phra Thong and Koh Ra, but during the past years we have done many other activities that help the conservation efforts.

Sea turtle nesting season begins typically in December and continues until end of March. So this is the time period we are present on the island.

Each season in different as some of our activities depend on additional funding, but the core activities stay the same. We monitor the main nesting beach of Phra Thong every morning by walking. We call it simply beach 1, which is about 10km long. We monitor the Northern half of the beach, so the walk is approximately 10km. The other half is monitored by local employee of the Phuket Marine Biological Center.

We also monitor 2 other beaches on Phra Thong regularly as well as take a boat to monitor several beaches of near by Koh Ra.

Green turtleIn addition to this activity, we observe sea turtle behavior in the sea, collect weather and beach profile data as well as raise awareness of sea turtle conservation among tourists and locals.

Depending on the funding and the field team we have additional activities each season. During last season 2016-17 we focused on reef survey of the small local reefs. In past we have also run environmental education projects for kids, surveyed birds and land tortoises, done mangrove restoration and made a small natural museum in the Lions village.

To support our field project we welcome volunteers and interns to join us each season. We also welcome visitors and donations to support our conservation efforts on this amazing Island.

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