Ready to go

bananaboatSo you have received the approval for your participation and you are ready to go.

Here are some additional tips how to prepare for you travel.

Arrange travel and accommodation

The project contribution does not include your travel to Khura buri or your  accommodation before or after the project. You may want to wait before buying the travel tickets until your application has been approved and your placement has been secured. It is a good idea to reserve a few extra days between arriving to the country and starting the project since often travel to the project location takes time and you may need flexibility in your schedules.

Passport and visas

Check that your passport is valid and check whether or not you need a visa. You may automatically receive a 30-day tourist visa when you arrive, but especially with longer stays it is important to check weather you need to apply for a visa or not.

Money and credit cards

Think about your travel funds in advance. There are no ATM’s on Phra Thong Island. Carrying large amounts may not be very advisable, but you need to get cash before arriving to the Island.


You need to have a valid travel insurance when you join the project. Remember to also insure your luggage.

Vaccinations and medicine

Your basic vaccinations need to be in order (TB, Tetanus, Hepatitis A+B). Consult with your doctor about the vaccinations needed. There has been no malaria on Phra Thong, but it is good to check the latest situation.

Very basic first aid kits are available in the project, but it is better to bring your personal medications with you like pain killers, band-aids, antihistamine for allergies and insect bites etc.

Mobile phone and internet

We recommend that you buy a local pre-paid sim card when you arrive to Thailand. Check that you have a phone that is not sim-locked by your operator. With the local sim card, you can also have internet packages in your phone. There is free wifi available in few places on the Island.

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