beachwalkNaucrates Conservation Project is well established in Thailand in collaboration with local community, representatives from government, research and academic institutions, non-profits, local businesses and other stakeholders.

For the internship, you can propose your own topic or choose one from our list. The internship with us gives you practical field work experience and you will also be required to document data and write a report in the end. Internships will help the project and local community to achieve their long-term conservation and sustainable development objectives.

Internship responsibilities:reef survey

  • Prepare a work plan on a specific topic or area of work.
  • In the case of conservation research or survey, design possible needed datasheets and training materials for volunteers
  • Collect data in the field and reference investigation
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Help the project team with other project activities
  • Write a report on the topic  or area and create a presentation with photos
  • Possible other responsibilities agreed in the work plan.

Possible topics for internships are:tortoie survey

  • Sea Turtle behavioral observation (existing methodology)
  • Beach profiling (existing methodology)
  • Reef survey
  • Bird survey
  • Butterfly survey
  • Bio-diversity survey
  • Weather survey and climate change
  • Mangrove survey
  • Coral reef survey (existing methodology)
  • Eco-tourism
  • Marketing and fundraising
  • Volunteer management
  • Environmental education and awareness
  • Your own topic or area which is in the scope of our field projectswimming lessons

Internship position include orientation, supervision, shared accommodation and 3 meals a day. Internships are available between 7th December 2020  and 30th March 2021. Minimum Internship time is 4 weeks.

For internships we offer subsidized room and board  at the cost of 280€ week if your internship is between 4 and 8 weeks. For internships of 8 or more weeks the contribution in 220€/week per participant.

Please note that we have limited resources, so in case your internship requires specific equipment, you may be required to bring them with you.

Please e-mail us to bookings (at) with your interests, experience (CV) and preferred timeline within our field project schedule December-April.

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