We are recruiting volunteers for Thailand


There is an amazing opportunity to learn and experience conservation through fieldwork on a remote island where mass tourism has not been developed yet.

Naucrates Conservation project is running a project more than a decade, we have established a good relationship with the local community and with local bungalow owners. We have an amazing campbase, where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset everyday.

You will follow a scientific and conservation research programme coordinated by project staff. You will monitor beaches (15 km) on Phra Thong and Ra Islands during early morning and during a day.

You will also conduct behavioral observation on turtles feeding in water during the days and monitor nest hatching during night.

Additional activities may be planned for the period of your stay like the reef survey which consists of snorkeling along transects, taking care of garden or restoring the Community Conservation Center  with new coat of paint, beach cleaning, fund raising, planting etc..

You don’t need to have any experience on these activities as training will be given to volunteers on their arrival.

During your free time you can enjoy the local community, read a book under a palm tree, have a Thai massage, swim, canoe in the mangrove, do yoga, visit Ko Surin national Park and much more.

Minimum time for volunteering is 2 weeks, but you can join us for a longer period also. For more details contact us.



Naucrates volunteers will collaborate with Horizon Eco Resort to set up a sustainable vegetable garden on the island

-> Set up an experimental desalter to provide sustainable water for our plants

                Avoid the maritime transport

-> Build a composter to valorize food byproducts and provide sustainable nutrient to our plants

                No chemical fertilizers

-> Choose the right plants and grow them to produce a sustainable a fruit&veg(&spices) source

                Local species, lot of sun, less of water, local food

-> Make aware, involve and learn from local people in order to produce local food

                Tradition, knowledge and experience for cooperation and awareness

The experimental project will take place from December 1st, 2019 to March 30th, 2020. Looking for new volunteers!