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    20 YEARS ANNIVERSARY  SPECIAL PROJECT EDITION Former volunteers will be Project Field Leaders Naucrates conservation effort at Phra Thong island started in 1996, when the island was chosen as the base of a sea turtle conservation project. The project started in collaboration with the Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) and it was registered by National [...]

  • Thai local fishermen-conservationists

    INTERVIEW of Thai local FISHERMEN Emily, Naucrates volunteer,  interviewed two Thai fishermen in March 2016, who are conducting the Tha Pae Yoi Turtle Head Start Program. They were born on the island and they were at school when Naucrates started the awareness program in local school 20 years ago. Were you born on Phra Thong [...]

  • Annual Meeting 2016

    The 2016  Naucrates Annual Meeting will be held in GREECE, in ATHENS, on Saturday 29 October 2016 Objectives: Presentation of activities conducted during the year 2015/16 Presentation on the Naucrates Conservation Project, Thailand Approval of the annual balance of the year 2015/16 Presentation of future plans Discussion of new member ideas Everyone is welcome, all [...]

A SMILE TO CELEBRATE THE FIRST WORLD WILDLIFE DAY Naucrates  is delighted to join in the global celebrations of the first World Wildlife Day on 3rd of March 2014 declared by the United Nations General Assembly. On this first-ever World Wildlife Day, Naucrates calls all its members and friends to dedicate a thought with a [...]

Naucrates organization runs the sea turtle conservation project in Thailand since 1996, it is a LONG term effort  that continues with enthusiasm and challenges. Naucrates team  is usually composed by staff and volunteers coming from different countries, with different languages, cultural and lifestyle backgrounds. These different aspects makes every year a special international team. Sometime [...]

Childrens Day 2014 in Thung Dap village, Thailand As Thailand is a Buddhist country, there are no celebrations for Christmas in local customs. Instead at least here on the Island of Koh Phra Tong a special Childrens Day is celebrated annually on the second saturday of every January. Candy and goodies are handed out through [...]

Five nests in three months..this is what we are counting at the sea turtle project in Thailand. It is unusual to find nests at the beginning of the project but this is what is happening now. Kirsty and Maxi worked in the first part of the project and they were able to identify tracks and [...]

NAUCRATES  IS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS from December 2015 to end of March2016 volunteers are needed in our Sea Turtle project in Thailand Volunteers are very important for us and your help is needed to conduct the work in the field. You do not need any previous experience in volunteering or specific topic, enthusiasm and willingness [...]

The culinary delights of Thailand can only be described as something many may only discover in their dreams. This is why whenever dreams are brought into reality and the Naucrates team/ volunteers get to experience the process behind this mystifying magic the amount of hands in the air is never surprising. This was the case [...]

Koh Phra Thong island. 5 am. Lifting up the mosquito net to reach the alarm clock, you slowly regain consciousness. In the pitch black of the night you gather some clothes, some shoes and some other stuff you might need. Just don’t forget the water, that’s the main thing. You set out to the meeting [...]

The day started with the usual 5.30am side car drive to Mr Chui’s where I would leave motorized vehicles behind and rely on my legs to monitor the beaches for turtle nesting activity. My morning walk contained the same beautiful routine of walking a kilometre along beach 2 and then the first 5 km of [...]

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Naucrates is an Italian NGO \"onlus\" that focuses on sea turtle conservation and mangrove restoration.

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