Conservation project in Thailand

    So you have received the approval for your participation and you are ready to go. The location and timing of the project dictate how you need to prepare for your trip. Take a look at the check lists, which we have made to help you decide what to bring to the projects.

    Sea turtle project checklist

    Here are some additional tips how to prepare for you travel.

    Arrange travel and accommodation

    The project price does not include your travel to the project site, or your  accommodation before or after the projects. You may want to wait before buying the travel tickets until your application has been approved and your placement has been secured. It is a good idea to reserve a few extra days between arriving to the country and starting the project since often travel to the project location takes time and you may need flexibility in your schedules.

    Passport and visas

    Check that your passport is valid and check whether or not you need a visa. You may automatically receive a 30-day tourist visa when you arrive, but especially with longer stays it is important to check how long you are allowed to stay.

    Money and credit cards

    Think about your travel funds in advance. Cash is needed on the Phra Thongs Island. Carrying large amounts may not be very advisable, but you need to get cash before arriving to the Island. Traveler’s checks are secure, but can be a bit tedious and sometimes banks are very strict about accepting them. A credit card or a card that allows you to withdraw cash from ATM machines is often the best bet.


    You need to have a valid travel insurance when you join the project. Remember to also insure your luggage.

    Vaccinations and medicine

    Your basic vaccinations need to be in order (TB, Tetanus, Hepatitis A+B vaccination). Consult with your doctor about the vaccinations needed.

    Very basic medicines are available in the projects, but it is better to bring your personal medications with you.

    Information about the country and culture

    It is a good idea to know something about where you are going and what kind of a place, people and culture you need to adapt to.

    Read more about Thailand

    Your travel information

    Do let your family know where you are going and how to reach you in case of an emergency.

    Many countries also have a service that you inform your embassy about your travel plans.

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    Naucrates is an Italian NGO that focuses on sea turtle conservation and mangrove restoration in Thailand.

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