Conservation project in Thailand

    Hints and tips for responsible travel

    • Support local economy by preferring locally produced products and services. Stay overnight in locally owned accommodation, eat local food in the locally owner restaurants, buy local brands and traditionally made products.

    • Use public transportation, bicycle or your feet when possible. If you are flying to your destination, use direct flights and pack lightly.

    • Respect the local rules and values, the religion, culture, dress code. Observe and learn appropriate behavior. Learning some simple phrases in local language can help a lot.

    • Do not use restaurants, shops, shows, tours etc. which promote animal cruelty, exploit endangered species or use environment unsustainably. Give feedback when you find a service doing this and give suggestions how to improve.

    • Spread the word. Share your good and bad experiences to help others to make decisions.

    • Check what eco-means. Being ecological is a fashion today and the word is used to get positive recognition, but sometimes the promise does not meet the reality.

    • Discuss ecological topics. Respect the local realities, but show that you care about environment and animals. Be a role model.

    • Say no to plastic bags. Try to reduce carbage you produce. Recycle when possible.

    • Be aware that when bringing live species or food to a place, you may bring invasive species with it.

    • Use water sparingly. In many places it is a precious resource.

    • Respect people’s wish not to be photographed.

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    Naucrates is an Italian NGO that focuses on sea turtle conservation and mangrove restoration in Thailand.

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