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    Transparency and integrity are integral to us and as non-profit organisation we value openess about our activities and finances.

    We present here a practical and real example of our organizations finances. Numbers vary a little each year, but this will give you a good idea from where the money comes from and where does it go.

    Thailand project: Volunteer contributions are about 90% of the funding of our projects. Rest of the funding comes from donations, merchandise sales, fund raising and research grants.

    In more detail 50% of the cost is staff salaries and food and lodging expenses, 20% beach monitoring and other activities, 30% expenses for volunteers and about 10% general expenses.

    Most of the money goes to the local community; local staff, transportation, food, home-stays, merchandise, water and electricity etc. We also encourage our volunteers to use local services which the village’s community project has developed during past two years.

    After the 2004 Tsunami, a memorial fund was opened… and donations to the fund have helped us to continue to run the projects in Thailand.

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    Naucrates is an Italian NGO that focuses on sea turtle conservation and mangrove restoration in Thailand.

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