Conservation project in Thailand

    As non-profit organization, we welcome all the supporting donations to help us to continue the conservation efforts in Thailand and Italy.

    Donations can be general to the oranginzation and projects or you can specify in more detail to which needs you would like your donation to help. Here are some ideas:

    Sea Turtle Conservation Project

    • Field staff (local and international) salaries
    • Transportation (boat and moped transfers, bicycles)
    • Field research equipment (radio tracking equipment, medical tools and fist-aid equipment for rescued turtles, tank for turtle, laptop computer, mobile phones, gps, binoculars, digital camera/videocamera, snorkelling gear, life-jackets and many other smaller things.
    • Rain covers for the houses
    • Maintenance of the houses and garden
    • Solar panel
    • Volunteers (hammocs, furniture for laisure area, snorkelling gear)
    • Awareness materials for locals and visitors

    Mangrove restoration project

    • Salaries of field staff both local and international
    • Transportation (boat transportation)
    • Field equipment (salinity measure, gps,
    • Signs for the restoration area
    • Awareness materials for locals and visitors

    Community Conservation Centre

    Currently, the CCC lacks basic facilities and is in need of structural improvements that are vital in providing the community and island a functional resource for environmental education and awareness activities. Your donation will provide the following improvements:

    • Joining the two buildings with a cover
    • Walkway
    • Waterproofing the exterior
    • Repairing the roof
    • Installing windows
    • Solar panels to power computers
    • Installing rain water catchment system
    • Provide facilities for volunteers (kitchen, basic furniture, storage lockers)

    Ecology Restoration Project

    • Salaries of field staff
    • Signs for the educational path
    • Wood for the fence around the area
    • Facilities for volunteers and staff on the land
    • Awareness materials for locals and visitors

    You can make donations to us, by following these easy steps

    1. Fill in your information to our donation form below and send it to us.

    2. Make a payment using online Paypal:

    OR you can send money through Bank Wire transfer directly to NAUCRATES account:

    Bank Account:

    Banca Popolare dell’Etruria e del Lazio

    00041 Albano Laziale (RM) – ITALY

    To: NAUCRATES Account No. 1166

    Swift Code: Arbait 33135

    Cod.ABI 05390 Cod.CAB 38860.3

    Cod. IBAN: IT15 Q053 9038 8600 0000 0001166

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    About Us

    Naucrates is an Italian NGO that focuses on sea turtle conservation and mangrove restoration in Thailand.

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