Conservation project in Thailand

    Below are just a few comments we have had from our conservation volunteers  over the years on our conservation project in Thailand.

    “I had no expectations for the project, but it evoked a desire to know these animals better and I think I will find myself in future back in a project, this or another one. The group of people from around the world was great and some will be friends for life, at least I hope so.” Aleksi, 2011

    “I saw turtles many times in the observation. It was a great feeling to see these ancient animals in the nature, while there still are some left. Room was sufficient and the host was nice. Food was excellent!
    The best thing was to get to meet people who are similar minded about animals and nature. It was nice to do research and give my own time and efforts for this important work.
    Bring loads of mosquito repellent. Don’t bring too much stuff. Good sandals are definitely needed.”  Tiina, 2011

    “I loved working on the program and could have easily stayed longer than 2 weeks. But the 2 weeks were a very nice experience and I learned a lot about turtles. If you want to come to join the program, bring enough suncream and insect repellent.  Also bring a flashlight. You can buy small things in the little shop like cookies or drinks. Have fun.” - Rosemarie 2011

    “One week is not enough, I highly recommend coming for longer. I got to experience the range of work being conducted in the field and was interested to learn about the projects aims from the staff and volunteers who had been here longer. The talks given by the field leader + research assistant (Jackie & Nava) were useful and informative. The island is beautiful, getting to see the variety of environments and wildlife as we go to work was fantastic.” – Nikki 2011

    “The home-stay clearly exceeded my expectations regarding comfort and “luxury” as it was lovely to stay in the villagers houses, the bedroom, bathroom and of course the food cooked by Lamyoung were fantastic and made a crucial part of my well being at Koh Phra Thong.

    I believe to have been extremely lucky with my fellow volunteers: we were an incredibly unique group of various nationalities and characters, all working for one and the same purpose, and these people turned my time on Phra Thong into a fantastic experience.

    Together with the breath taking nature of this beautiful place, and the fact that we got to enjoy the peacefulness on the empty beaches each and every day. The project has more than filled my expectations, I really had a fabulous time as it felt good to be actively working towards the conservation of Thailand sea turtle population, all while enjoying the pristine healthy of this place and its flora and fauna. “

    “Volunteering for this project was a great experience for me. As an aspiring marine conservation biologist, it was great to learn about ad see how this project is carried out. The island is beautiful which made the beach walks all the more enjoyable.”

    “I personally chose Naucrates to gain more conservation and environmental experience, and I am very happy I chose this project. It was especially an honoured to meet Claudio and Monica who are so passionate for the projects and I feel grateful for meeting them and hearing their knowledge.

    The village was a wonderful resting place to eat, sleep and work. Our home stay surpassed expectations and in particular I am very thankful for them giving us their bedroom to sleep in. Lam’young is a wonderful lady and cook who made the experience very special, by catering to such an excellent standard. I very much enjoyed sitting at her house.”

    “I really enjoyed this experience and truly appreciated the opportunity. Thank you, Monika, Claudio, Lory, Nook, Nadja and Jeff. You made me laugh and cry and think new thoughts. I appreciate the work you put in this project and it is well worth it. The length of my stay was ideal for me. Enough time to get adjusted, learn a lot and have some fun and meet new and wonderful people.”

    “The food? Excellent!!! My compliments (very many) to Lamyong.”

    “Our accommodation were great –  I feel that we learned a lot about Thai culture by staying in the village. Our meals were so amazing!. I feel that we have a basic knowledge about sea turtles and the threats that they face. The Project full filled my expectations”

    “The island of Koh Phra Thong has so much natural beauty, I have fallen in love with it. I have eaten breakfast while monkeys play on the beach in front of me, snorkelled with a turtle and a shark and hundreds of beautiful reef fish. Seen eagles, storks and hornbills and even redicted my fear of frogs after showering with one! I have learned so much about the rich Mangrove systems here and all its species.”

    “ Living in the community of Lions village was an amazing experience, you realize see how the people live. These people lost everything in the 2004 tsunami – friends, family, homes and livelihoods. But they are rebuilding their lives in the new town built with post-tsunami aid. I lived with Phen, the local laundry lady. Even with no communication I was made to feel extremely welcome. The accommodation is basic but of a high standard, a mattress on the floor with mosquito net, bedding and pillow all provided. The bathroom is typically Thai squat toilet and Thai shower (you  basically bucket water over yourself.

    The food rocks! We have a local lady Lamyong who cooks us 3 amazing meals a day. Including a pack up breakfast for morning walk and a 3 course evening meal. You will never be hungry! I haven’t have one meal I did not like.  “

    “I want to turtle, turtle, turtle… That’s what we want to do’, we thought, when we read an article in a Dutch magazine about volunteering abroad. We were especially interested in working with see turtles in Thailand.

    It was cold and rainy when we left Amsterdam at the end of January. And it was warm and sunny when we arrived in Phuket, one night later. After a few days we left for Ko Phra Thong. The trip by long-tail boat  took about an hour.

    We were prepared to live in a real Thai fishermen village, although we knew of course the original village was destroyed by the tsunami. But instead of the bamboo houses we expected, we saw a new complex, with houses in rows, all in the same colour. And thanks to the big sign in the beginning, there could not be a mistake about who was responsible for building the new village…

    We were staying with a very friendly and hospitable Thai family who said from the beginning that their house was our house. When the whole family – father, mother and daughter – was home, it was a bit crowdie, but most of the time they were out so then the house was all ours then.”

    After two weeks we left. It was very special to work with such a nice, interesting and enthusiastic people like Nadja, Nook and Jeff. The learned us a lot about turtles (Jeff), mangrove woods (Nadja) and the Thai language and way of living (Nook).  It was also nice to do such a project together with my husband. We never did that before, but I’m sure we will do it again. We wish the see turtle project all the best and a lot of  hatchlings!”

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    Naucrates is an Italian NGO that focuses on sea turtle conservation and mangrove restoration in Thailand.

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