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    We are currently running projects in Thailand and Italy. In Thailand we run conservation projects that focus on sea turtle and mangrove forest conservation in collaboration with Thai institutions and organizations. Naucrates project is based in a Thai fishing village where we work with and for the local community.

    In Italy we run an ecology restoration project in collaboration with the local municipality aiming to create a model suitable for other sites.

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    Sea Turtle Conservation project in Thailand

    The Sea Turtle project has been working for 14 years (1996-2010) on Phra Thong, and Ra  islands.

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    Mangrove Restoration Project in Thailand

    Naucrates started to work on a small  and rich community of mangrove forest at Phra Thong island, South Thailand, in 2002. A total of 25 species of mangroves and 8 of mangrove-associate species were discovered.

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    Ecology Restoration Project in Italy

    In 2008, Naucrates with the local authorities (Cori’s Municipality) approved a new project of Restoration Ecology which aims to renew an abandoned and degraded agricultural land through active human intervention.

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    Naucrates is an Italian NGO \"onlus\" that focuses on sea turtle conservation and mangrove restoration.

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