Conservation project in Thailand

    Its not just about the local community overseas, its as much about the Naucrates community throughout the world of staff, volunteers and advisors that have made Naucrates what it is today.

    Naucrates team members work on the field and at home as a group sharing different experiences, cultures and ideas. The team works close to obtain new ideas and knowledge in order to improve programmes and activities.

    Naucrates believes in conservation work through which improvement can be gained toward an efficient sustainable development of natural resources.

    Naucrates believes  in small initiatives that can make a big difference.

    People coming from different countries and experience bring new ideas and support to the team. All coming together with the common interest in conservation make a project going and sustainable. Cultural exchange with local community creates a step forward toward a successful management of natural resources.

    Volunteers often bring back home a “conservation message” in different countries which can create new concern toward the this important issue.

    Environment Policy

    That is what makes Naucrates stand out, along with the work we do, it’s the people behind it, its pleasure to be working with such a team.

    As a conservation group we try to keep our footprint as small as possible at home and abroad!  We all use public transport or cycle into work and on site we maintain a zero tolerance approach to littering and always recycle.


    * Naucrates encourages staff and volunteers to offset their carbon emissions. We ensure that where possible our routings for group flights are direct to reduce emissions and aviation fuel usage. All volunteers and staff are encouraged to do this.
    * Naucrates has a zero littering policy.
    * Volunteers and staff are required to bring only rechargeable batteries to our sites.
    * Water usage is tightly controlled on our sites and water is used responsibly. Many of our sites have rainwater collection facilities.
    * Boat and car  travel is carefully controlled and unnecessary travel is avoided.
    * Electricity use is carefully monitored where it is accessible, energy saving light bulbs are used where they are available.
    * Rubbish is recycled where facilities exist and where not possible landfill rubbish is reduced by providing locals with compostibles to feed livestock. Packaging is reduced where possible.


    * Our office is based in the countryside.
    * All recyclable paper is recycled. Scrap paper is reused. Ring binders and stationary is reused.
    * All power (that doesn’t have to be left on) is switched off by the last person to leave the office.
    * Energy saving ability is an important factor in the purchase of any new equipment. Where possible ethically sound suppliers are sourced.
    * Printer cartridges are recycled where possible
    * Naucrates newsletter is not printed anymore but available only in electronic format

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    About Us

    Naucrates is an Italian NGO that focuses on sea turtle conservation and mangrove restoration in Thailand.

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