Conservation project in Thailand


    • Solo travellers – Join a project team and meet similar minded people.
    • Students and recent graduates

    - Learn fieldwork and gain experience and knowledge on conservation
    - As a recent graduate, you may be thinking about what to with the next stage in your life. Many graduates choose to take some time off before making that decision; and many choose to go on a journey that includes volunteering in another country.
    - Volunteering abroad is a challenge, an adventure, and a wonderful experience. It gives you an excellent chance to learn valuable life skills which can be applied to a future career, gain experience in a new part of the world, and add real-world skills to your resume.
    - Get experience in the field, get a job reference. Check the internship opportunity.
    - A great gap year opportunity

    • People thinking about a Career break Professionals

    Voluntary work abroad is no longer just for young people wanting time out. Perhaps you are taking a career break or sabbatical, considering new career opportunities or just want to do something different on your holiday.

    • Seniors

    Senior people with specific skills would bring a lot of innovation to the project.
    You have more time to travel, share your experiences and knowledge and learn some new things and get new exciting experiences.

    • Groups (maybe not limit this to corporate groups, but also hobby groups, etc)

    companies that would like to give a contribution to the environment
    group of friends travelling together
    bird watcher groups
    youth groups, school vacation group, study tours

    • Families

    You have kids of the age 8-17 years old and you would like to have volunteer experience together as a family. Most projects have minimum age of 18 years old, but in our Family short visit you can get some of the same experiences than our volunteers. You can join project activities that are suitable for you and your child.

    . Long term volunteer position; skilled volunteers

    . Internship: students or just graduated

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    About Us

    Naucrates is an Italian NGO that focuses on sea turtle conservation and mangrove restoration in Thailand.

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