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    Naucrates  is delighted to join in the global celebrations of the first World Wildlife Day on 3rd of March 2014 declared by the United Nations General Assembly.

    On this first-ever World Wildlife Day, Naucrates calls all its members and friends to dedicate a thought with a big smile toward the conservation of wildlife. We are all responsible and we should do, what we can, to bring the illegal trade to an end and to encourage young generation toward a sustainable use of wildlife.

    Naucrates stands together with the international community in calling the world’s attention to the urgent need to secure the survival of fauna and flora species in the wild.

    Naucrates is proud to see that wildlife is represented now as a special day on the UN calendar.

    Naucrates works day by day toward conservation, in particular in South Thailand where illegal trade of sea turtle eggs has decimated the nesting population along the Andaman sea coast of Thailand.

    Every year hatchlings are safely released, contributing to the future population of the highly endangered Sea Turtles.

    You can also help by donating today.

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    Naucrates is an Italian NGO that focuses on sea turtle conservation and mangrove restoration in Thailand.

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