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    This is the last week of fieldwork at the conservation project in Thailand. Naucrates team is busy compiling inventories and closing down the fieldstation until the next nesting season.

    In the last month heavy rain have been recorded on the island and Naucrates team had to reduce the daily beach monitoring, because it was not possible to reach the nesting grounds. Eventhough, few days ago an exiting news arrived in the office…WE FOUND TWO NESTS…wauu…at the end of March 2011, nearly at the end of the season we discovered two fresh nests!

    One is a green turtle nest found on Ko Ra (beach 6…for who of you that knows the beaches…), with fresh white eggs. Tracks were raised and the nests was left in situ for incubation, which will happen in about two months.

    The other nest was recorded on Ko Phra Thong, on beach 1, near GBB resort. It is a leatherback nest. The track was not clear and mostly raised by the heavy rain.

    Naucrates team will leave the island on the 10th April, but Aeh will be in charge of checking and assisting the hatching of those two nests.

    Thank you all for your hard work …see you next season!

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