Naucrates volunteers will collaborate with Horizon Eco Resort to set up a sustainable vegetable garden on the island -> Set up an experimental desalter to provide sustainable water for our plants                 Avoid the maritime transport -> Build a composter to valorize food byproducts and provide sustainable nutrient to our… Continue reading

We are recruiting volunteers for Thailand

There is an amazing opportunity to learn and experience conservation through fieldwork on a remote island where mass tourism has not been developed yet. Naucrates Conservation project is running a project more than a decade, we have established a good relationship with the local community and with local bungalow owners.… Continue reading

100turtles marine waste project

This coming season Naucrates team will work on finding answers to Does the amount of marine debris stranded on the beach affect the sea turtle nesting ground? While evaluating, we will involve guest, volunteers, children, tourists in beach cleaning events and collecting marine debris. A station will be set up… Continue reading

Volunteer stories: Julia’s two weeks

Worth an experience? YES! Did I wanna leave? NO! Will I miss this place? DEFINITELY! When I first got here two weeks ago, I didn’t think leaving this island would make me a bit sad…. I fell in love with this peaceful island, the friendly people here like Tanja, Lory,… Continue reading